Anguaya Stones

Stones come from the earth, they are the earth itself.

Wearing stones, taking them with you as you go, is an experience.

We delight in the depth and detail, shine and subtlety that each Anguaya Stone holds. Our choice of stones is an integral part of what we offer you, and we seek out stones of character, quality and beauty. Each stone is unique, as a fingerprint, with markings and variances in color.

You may wish to connect with a stone that comes from a certain place in the world you are interested in or hold dear. You may have a memory of a stone, like turquoise in the ring your grandmother wore, and wish to wear one close. Some say that stones have properties, and you may be searching for a stone to ground you or to help you to open up to new experiences. You may be looking for a certain color of stone, or crave the brilliance a stone can bring.

Whatever you are searching for we would like to help you find your perfect piece.