Creation of the Work

All of the work throughout this site is wrought by the deft hands of artist Jose Muenala Anguaya, utilizing the skills of and drawing on the traditions of Indigenous Andean jewelry artistry.

Each ANGUAYA piece is made by hand in Evanston, Illinois with quality materials. Our sterling silver is pure verified 925 sterling sourced in the USA. We work with recycled sterling silver of the utmost quality, which favors environmentally sound practices and does not contribute to unfair or unsafe labor practices.

The jewelry begins with a concept, the creation of design elements, the setting of stones. Sterling wire is brought to the bench, where it is hammered after carefully creating each curve and turn by hand. Stones are chosen for their beauty, color, markings and unique qualities. Each union in a piece is closed wrapped with sterling silver wire, with every attention paid to detail, ensuring quality jewelry that is made to last generations.